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Contract Phones for Bad Credit

If you are looking for mobile phone contracts for those with bad credit, there are a couple of options available to you today. Don’t be restricted by network, all networks use their own individual credit scoring criteria’s, if you have already been refused by one mobile network, does not mean that you won’t be approved on the same Smartphone with another network. Each mobile network offering credit terms will have a scoring criteria based on their own scoring system of the "perfect customer". When applying you should also consider the total amount of credit applied for can have an impact on your approval rate, for example you may get refused if you apply for a mega unlimited minutes per month deal on the latest phone, but you may get approved on low cost contract, no more that £25 per month plan on a less up to date handset! So to recap credit scoring criteria’s differ from network to network, they differ from phone to phone and more importantly you should not think your credit score is total blacklisted because this is never the case.


If you have been refused on a decent mobile contract, don’t take it personally, remember that mobile companies contract applications run into thousands each week, and networks even refuse a few good quality applicants with their credit check systems, which often groups everyone in to one big group, you may just be one of those that fall outside their criteria this time, even if you have no problem with your credit in the past.


Other sites elsewhere such as Now Phones say that some network companies have a higher approval rate than others when approving mobile phone contracts with bad credit; it's not always as simple as that for everyone’s application! Like we said before some networks have a total diffrent approval rates and means of testing than another, so if you have be refused by O2 or Vodafone for example, you may still be accepted by Orange, T-Mobile or Virgin! There is no one mobile network company that is best to apply with if you have bad credit, they are just slightly different, so each time you apply for mobile contracts with a different company, can produce a different outcome so don’t give in.


That being said, today you will find that a lot of the step involved when applying for a mobile phone contract does stay consistent across most networks, especially when applying online. The higher the monthly bill and the more expensive the mobile handset, pump up the overall contract price, this will make passing the credit check much higher. Mobile phone contracts contracts work exactly like a loan if they are taken out on a pay monthly basis- the more you expensive the contract, the harder it will be to get approved. So if you have been refused a mobile contract already or other forms of credit in the past, the chances of getting hold of the latest IPhone 5 on a £45 a month 24 month contract going to be low! Therefore, you should apply for a more basic handset on a cheaper monthly tariff, this will improve approval rate on a pay monthly mobile contract with poor or no credit history.


Other options to consider a SIM only contracts, these low cost contracts are a simply way to get your foot in the door, you simply pay for the network service and usage, no phone is provided. This means less risk for the network and a much lower credit check requirement level for the applicant. To use a SIM only contract you will need to already have a mobile phone or be in a position to buy one that works with the SIM. The main advantage of SIM only contracts for poor credit customers is that over time you build up a relationship a chosen network, after a period of timely payments on a SIM only plan, it is not unusual for them to offer an upgrade to a monthly contract deal at standard rates.


So to summarise, after being turned down for a mobile contract due to a bad financial period in your past, the most effective way forward is to improve your credit score with the suggestions above, and perhaps to lower your expectations in terms of which mobile phone handset and deal you require, or even get on foot in the door using a SIM only contract until you have built up some trust with the network. You will find a huge number of low to mid range mobile phone deals from our partners along with full reviews and a choice of contracts with various networks. Most of these phones are suitable for those with credit problems, but stick to lower priced plans to improve the chances of approval!